Chiprovtsi is located only 40 km from the town Varshetz and is ideal for half-day walk in all seasons. Undoubtedly, the town is famous for its carpets, that are embodying with ancient traditions and customs, for which tell the patterns and symbols on them. The famous carpets are recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. You can see them at the History Museum, the Ethnographic Museum and Katerina house which must have visited during the walk there. The city has a very rich history that you can discover at the Historical Museum.
 An interesting site in the city is "Sharena fountain", whose substructure dates back to the time of the Roman Empire.

6 km away from Chiprovtsi is located "Chiprovtsi Monastery". It had played an important role in the National liberation wars. The monastery is situated in a picturesque location, resembling as a fortress. It has ossuary, where are kept the bones of those who died in the Chiprovtsi uprising in 1688th.