The minerall bath

The new mineral bath is the symbol of the city of Varshets. It was built in 1930 and has an area of 732sq.m, in Art Deco style. There are terraces for sunhealing and a huge clock on the central façade. The roof is decorated in its four corners with sculptures of small bathing boys, sitting on huge snails - symbols of rapid healing. The images of nymphs - demigods embody the living forces of nature, are keeping this "temple of health"  where miraculous mineral water flows into a basin with Romanesque mosaics.
Immediately next to It is the Old Mineral Bath, built before 1910. Verry impressive is the style of its windows wich are made in the architectural style of the late Secession. The façade is decorated with a two-row wreath of olive branches. Today, only the New Mineral Bath is functioning.

The mineral water (hydro-carbonate-sulfate-sodium) is taken from 6 springs and drilling, it has an avarage temperature of 37 degrees and is pure, with no colour and pleasant drinking. Its high healing qualities are due to the pleasant natural temperature, valuable chemical contents, alkaline reaction and slight mineralization.

The resort is suitable for healing and prophylaxis of diseases of the nervous system, the heart and blood vessels, the locomotion apparatus and etc. The active holiday in the resort has a proven effect over the neuroses and the diseases of our time.